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Don’t just take our word for it! Listen to these wonderful childrens!!!!!


“Best Trip Ever!”

My daughter and I toured Iceland from May 25 through June 6, 2012. I have traveled all over the world and can’t think of a trip better than this one. Tops in my book were Gerri, our leader, our Icelandic guides, our American geologist and my fellow tourists. The sense of camaraderie we all felt was unique. The caring, the laughter, the sense of belonging were something I have never experienced before. All this is not to downplay the gorgeous scenery, the fascinating geology and the myriad forms of birdlife we saw. And of course, there were all those hotsprings we bathed in. It was an experience no one should miss.

Anne Richmond, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

“Gerri’s tours are like no other tour I have ever taken”

I went on the Rock Around Ring Road trip primarily to spend time with an old friend. I ended up falling in love with Iceland. Or Gerri Griswold of Krummi Travel, because they are permanently entwined in my mind. Gerri’s tours are like no other tour I have ever taken. The tours are small, intimate, personable and Gerri made me feel like I was a part of something more. And fun! How we laughed! For starters, the first evening was spent decorating our touring van with all sorts of amusing things. Every day, or hour even, Gerri was passing out candy and treats. That wasn’t the extent of the treats, she had some incredible surprises that were not on the itinerary. For example, we arrived at a wonderful place, Asbyrgi, with an amazing sheer rock wall. The surprise was after a short walk to the end of the canyon, there was an 8 part men’s chorus, made up of local farmers who Gerri had arranged to sing for us. Hearing their lovely voices in this incredible natural amphitheater was breathtaking. Another night in Myvatn, she brought us to a beautiful bird museum where we were treated to a private tour, while enjoying champagne and hors d’oeuvres. One day she treated us all to a tour of a glacier in giant jeeps. Another day involved a stop at an old turf house from the 1840’s where we had a real Icelandic treat of pancakes with rhubarb jam. A very special dinner involved the fabled Icelandic lobsters.


The Ring Road trip gave a great overview of Iceland. We saw all the highlights that you might find on other tours, such as Thingvellir, Gullfoss, Geysir and Reykjavik, but then we saw so very much more. We drove north from the airport the first day and stopped for a refreshing swim in a pool with an incredible view. We spent four days in the Myvatn area and there was so much to see. Magical rock formations, milky blue waters, steam shooting out of the earth, strange pseudocraters; it was like visiting another planet. We had a whale watching trip on a beautiful wooden schooner and marvelous fish chowder afterwards. The far eastern end was beautiful with fijords and quirky, fun towns where we stopped at rock museums and saw an art installation of giant eggs. The south coast had glaciers, icebergs in a lagoon, volcanoes, waterfalls and gorgeous farms galore. We visited the southeastern Reykjanes peninsula, home of the famous Blue Lagoon and had a day in Reykjavik for shopping and sightseeing.

Gerri teams up with some truly wonderful Icelandic guides who make the trip interesting and informative. Iceland’s leading ornithologist joined us for four days. We met the author of some magnificent photography books. We had a geologist traveling with us who was ecstatic to explain the history of all the magnificent rock formations. Gerri also knows some of the very talented local musicians and as a final surprise, arranged a little concert for us after a wonderful lamb dinner. It is obvious that Gerri loves Iceland and I heartily recommend Krummi Travel because seeing Iceland through Gerri’s heart is something special.

Fran, Key West


“If you do want to experience it (and trust me, you want to experience it!), you absolutely must go with Krummi Travel”

Fact: I wanted to go to Iceland because a boy broke my heart. If that tells you one thing about me, it’s that I’m pretty young. 19, in fact, and that made me the youngest person on my January trip to Iceland with Krummi Travel. Inherently, it was something that made me a little bit nervous. I was well aware of the fact that I was going with full-blown adults, and when I got to the airport, one of my future travel companions smiled at me and gave a half wave. “You’re the college student!” she said, and my apprehension grew.

Luckily for me, my fears were not only irrational, but promptly dumped to the wayside as the trip began. Gerri–our fabulous and fearless leader–made us all feel instantly at home. Even though many of the other people on the trip were traveling in groups or pairs, and I was alone, I felt at once as though I’d known everyone forever. That’s largely due, of course, to Gerri’s warm and inviting personality. She’s so much fun–I couldn’t help but have fun with her, even before we got on the plane, even before I slipped, slid, and tumbled my way through Iceland, I knew exactly, without a doubt, that I was going to have a marvelous time.

And oh man, did I slip, slide, and tumble. Iceland in January is cold! But it was something we were well prepared for, once again by our excellent Geraldine. I’d packed lightly, but carefully, following her advice to the T. I was rarely too cold, never too hot, and always too busy to worry about things that as a teenage college student, I’m prone to worrying about (like my hair!). It was a good sort of busy. The first moment in Iceland will always be this one: our Icelandic guide’s warm smile, and quick (and a little bit amused) directions to the nearest cup of coffee.

I could go through every detail of the trip–the bonfire and fireworks, feeling like a local, the amazing food, the secret places that only Gerri could have taken us to–but that would feel like cheating. Iceland is something you have to experience yourself, and if you do want to experience it (and trust me, you want to experience it!), you absolutely must go with Krummi Travel. I’ve never met anyone else as enthusiastic about a place as Gerri is about Iceland. She and our guides patiently answered every single one of my ridiculous questions (“What’s a Bifrost? That was in the Marvel movie Thor!”). They navigated the tricky Icelandic winter roads, and they had backup plan after backup plan when the weather called for a change of pace.

As for the boy I went to Iceland to spite? I had such a good time that I didn’t think of him once while I was there. That ought to tell you something about the specialness of Krummi Travel.

Olivia, Boston, Massachusetts

“Gerri Griswold offers unique, off-the-beaten-path excursions through the wonderful country of Iceland.”

I have taken two wonderful trips with Krummi Travel. I am constantly dreaming of my next! Gerri Griswold offers unique, off-the-beaten-path excursions through the wonderful country of Iceland. She and her excellent guides will make sure you know more than you ever thought possible about each region/stop. They are relaxed, funny, zany, candy-filled joy rides on the ‘magic bus’! You will never laugh harder, eat better or learn more about a beautiful place! Are you ready for a Krummi trip? YES!!!!

Jenny, Watertown, Connecticut


“We did many special things including whale watching 20 miles from the arctic circle”

Krummi Travel and organizer Gerri provide a fun-filled adventure in Iceland. I went on the Rock Around the Ring Road trip in May/June 2012 and had a wonderful time. The company, activities, accommodations and food were all great. The Icelandic guides were a lot of fun. We did many special things including whale watching 20 miles from the arctic circle, riding up on a glacier in big tire jeeps, eating lunch in a sod house, hiking up a pseudo-crater in the midst of an old lava flow and walking among hot spots and relaxing in hot springs all over Iceland. I highly recommend Krummi Travel and look forward to going on another trip at some point in 2013.

Cathy, Vermont

“Gerri’s passion and respect for Iceland are contagious!”

Gerri’s passion and respect for Iceland are contagious! I came away from the “Rock Around the Ring Road” tour full of knowledge about a country I knew so little about and warmth of new friends I met along the way.

Tom, Unionville, CT

“Iceland is a magical place and has to be visited to be really appreciated.”

myvatn22I am still steeped in wonderful memories of my trip to Iceland with a group of fifteen fun and interesting people who made the “maiden trip” in late May and early June of 2010. I was hesitant to go on this adventure as it involved flying…something I had never done before…but everything went smoothly with the help of my fellow travellers. Iceland is a magical place and has to be visited to be really appreciated. We visited the Blue Lagoon which is so beautiful and relaxing, saw amazing waterfalls, lakes, and waterfowl and observed whales and puffins on a boat out of Husavik. Even being drenched by the Strokkor Geyser was a fun experience. The trip went very smoothly because Gerri planned everything…our accommodations, day trips, meals, etc.…in advance. The people in Iceland are so welcoming and friendly and I would go back again sometime if I have a chance.

Susana, Goshen, CT


“…our twelve days covered fjords, craters, volcanos, ash and rock collection, great food, and lodging in a former Fisherman’s retreat…”

Krummi Travel aka Gerri Griswold, regarding ICELAND makes getting there, being there, and going there again easy. My first trip, January 2012, featured wayward sightings of the Aurora Borealis, snowstorms (unexpected), great food and lodging in a former Fisherman’s retreat, fireworks, and the making of new friends. My second visit, ROCK AROUND THE RING ROAD, was late May/early June 2012. With Iceland being the size of Kentucky our twelve days covered fjords, craters, volcanos. ash and rock collection, great food, coasts, mountains, turf homes, puffins, candy on the van, and much more. If for no other reason than the surprises Krummi Travel builds into the daily itinerary to keep the traveling Childrens happy, I plan to return again and again.

Ency, Harwinton, CT

“My first visit to Iceland as a Krummi traveler was life-changing.”

My first visit to Iceland as a Krummi traveler was life-changing. A soulful presence of this incredibly magical country still lingers in my heart to this day.”

Heather Norfolk, CT

“If you’re looking for a unique, fun-filled adventure, hurry and sign up.”

“Don’t let the name fool you, Krummi is anything but that. Gerri knows more about Iceland than many Icelanders and she’s fun, to boot. Lots of fun. If you’re looking for a unique, fun-filled adventure, hurry and sign up. You can also get up close and personal with much of the wildlife. It makes for great photography and at the end of the day, you can probe some delightful and unusual cuisine.”

Ray Belding, Connecticut


“Myvatn is so beautiful it is hard to put into words.”

Krummi Travel with Gerri makes traveling in Iceland magical . Also included in the Krummi experience are two wonderful Icelandic guides. Myvatn is so beautiful it is hard to put into words and to experience nature and all the wonder is enhanced by Krummi Travel opening the minds and hearts of their travelers to fully engage in the country without thoughts of what comes next, because everything is so seamless one really just goes with the flow. As I reflect on my trip(s) I realize the value is in being in the moment and present for all Iceland has to offer. Krummi Travel is a joyful, laughing, surprised-filled encounter with life and travel.

Durinda, Cape Elizabeth, Maine