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Iceland Affair:  Gerri Griswold’s annual celebration of all things Iceland!  October 18th, in Winchester Center, CT!

Jon Baldur Hildberg : Iceland’s first artist of nature. Jon’s Raven is the logo for Krummi Travel! JON ROCKS!

Northern Light Inn: They let us stay here (so far). LOVE the food, the rooms, the location…LOVE!

Salthusid: Food to die for and service to boot! Laki, the Chef/Owner..I plan to kidnap.

Olgeir Andresson: He has a personal relationship with The Northern Lights! There is no better photographer of the Aurora…A GEM!

Sel Hotel Myvatn: The BEST place, BEST bartenders, BEST food, BEST innkeepers in the north! (plus they tolerate us)

Ensku Husin: The most remarkable, sprinkled-with-fairy-dust inn keepers, extraordinary food and accommodations in an old fishing lodge!

Hotel Djupavik: Seemingly at the end of the world. Cozy, homey…BEYOND wonderful!

Svavar Knutur: Story Teller, Poet, Troubadour, Blindingly Good Musician, Philosopher, and the naughty son I never had!

Lay Low: Glorious blues, country, pop artist…so beautiful…so lovely!

Fjorubordid: Lobster Restaurant…OH THE HUMANITY! Let’s be honest…One of the best restaurants in the nation!

Center Hotels: Fab and affordable accommodations in the greatest little world capital!

Hotel Flatey: If there is a heaven!

Icelandair: You can’t swim to Iceland, for God’s sake! I love this airline!

Blue Lagoon: ICONIC SWIMMING HOLE!!!!!!!!!

Sigurgeirs Bird Museum: Just about the greatest natural history museum in the world…NOT EXAGGERATING!

The Hotel Aldan: Cosy and snappy and the most wonderful food in lovely Seydisfjordur!

Hotel Hofdabrekka: Neat as can be. Wonderfully located in the south and a killer buffet in the summer!

Inspired by Iceland: You will be if you aren’t already!!!!

Johanna Bergmann Thorvaldsdottir: is almost singlehandedly saving the Icelandic Goat from extinction! HELP THIS AMAZING NOBLE WOMAN PLEASE!!!!!!

Claus Sterneck: A brilliant young German photographer living and working in Iceland!

Ragnaarbastiaan: Icelandic music blogger and Krummi Travel supporter!

Dog & Pony Design: Krummi Travel’s web and graphic designer and marketing consultant!

Smari Organics: The BEST Icelandic yogurt!