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About Us

Gerri Griswold

A former chef, a current broadcaster, a wildlife conservationist, an artist, a singer, Gerri has spent two decades as a licensed wildlife rehablitator working with bats and more recently, porcupines. She is a curious creature who some call a Renaissance woman, who loves to travel, likes to laugh, eats candy, and possesses a passion for Iceland that uniquely brands Krummi Travel.

Griswold’s deep love of nature has taken her in close contact with her favorite bird, the Raven. Little did Gerri know when she first visited Iceland in 2002 that Ravens are ubiquitous throughout Icelandic culture and in nature. The affectionate word for Raven in Icelandic is Krummi. It was as though Iceland’s Hidden People dropped the name in her lap!

In 2010, after nearly 20 visits to Iceland, Griswold decided to organize a group trip which focused on birding in the otherworldly Myvatn district of North Iceland. The trip was a huge success. What began as an experiment to see if collaborating with like-minded Icelanders and cajoling fifteen participants into signing on could be realized, suddenly became a question of “What trip are you offering next?”.

Krummi Travel fledged.